Source Code and Documentation

Source code will be made available on under the Apache-2 license. No warranties would apply. The code can be used as is, forked, changes made and deployed as required.

It would be nice if ThingsCafe is acknowledged when deployed as part of a solution. The term “Powered by ThingsCafe” can be used within apps and/or the ThingsCafe logo displayed on the websites. ThingsCafe does not take responsibility for any security vulnerabilities in the code. It is upto the end business to make sure they do adequate testing and also deploy the software correctly to avoid any intrusions.

The links to source code would be published shortly.

Corresponding documentation may appear as READMEs in the source repository or PDF documents may be provided with details for customization and deployment.

Deployment, Customization and Devops

A simplistic architecture/block diagram of deployment is shown above. All components can be on a single node or can be distributed on more than one node across a data center or across data centers in different regions(will need to engage experts to deploy). All the ThingsCafe microservices can run within containers within a Docker or Kubernetes environment.

Documentation on how to deploy and use the platform on a single node will be available in the devops folder in the code repository.

Case Studies

Attached below is a short video showing some screenshots of the reference PWA customized for/by partner Avanijal.

Blogs, White papers and Media

  1. Why ThingsCafe – Read this blog at